Bangladeshi Model Sarika Sex Video Scandal Gossip

Bangladeshi Model and TV actress Prova, Chaity and Anika Kabir Shokh porn video scandal has already made some bad impression in Bangladeshi visual media sector. Now another two scandals on popular singer Mila and Model Sarika is disclosed recently. Reported by a UK based Bangla Website. People are disscussing about the scandal of Mila and Sarika scandals. A website link said, Sarika has been seen nude in a bedroom of a man named Pintu. That nude video footage is being transferred from one mobile to another mobile phone. That website (JSC/JDC) did not only uploaded the footage. It also published the public comments over that post. In another video Mila has been seen nude with a guy. But that person has not been recognised. People are searching ‘Download Mila Scandal’ and ‘Download Sarika Scandal’ after publishing that news in internet. Still the video is not that randomly available in internet.
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Its also very common in showbiz to make relation with the leading person such as director or producer to make a permanent place in media and sometimes to get chance to works for the beginners. But this is illegal way to start any career. One who have quality will get chance without any compromise.
To download sarika scandal video one must have to upload it to any file server. If you get the link of sarika scandal Video link then You can download sarika scandal video.We will update the link if the clips when release. So bookmark our Site to see upcoming sarika scandal Video.


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